Another Life

Written by Jim and Barbie Blake, Illustrations by Jim Blake

This app and interactive book tells the story of all the kinship carers out there, lovingly & gently parenting again. The media provide an amazing interactive reading experience for Kinship Carers, grandparents and their children. You will spend hours sharing your journey with your children through its beautiful story line, fascinating animated scenes and engaging interactions.

– Top Reading app for Grandparents, kinship carers to share with their kids
– This is a totally new reading experience, the books have beautiful animation with a rich narrative on each page
– Automatically reads each page to you and allows you to control the reading
– Enjoy the Original music, sound effects, interactive and animated features
– Narration by Kinship carers for kinship carers

These remarkable stories to come to life and gives opportunity to grandparents & kinship carers to engage in open conversations with their children.

Another Life available to download on iTunes


About Jim

Jim is a father of three and grandparent of two. He was a teacher with Child Welfare Establishments, teaching boys aged between 12 through to 17 with learning and/or behavioural disabilities. He then went on to study Graphic Art and was employed as a Corporate Artist for several years. Jim started a commercial art business and after this he worked for Australian Customs and Border Protection.

“But nothing could prepare me for the challenges that lay ahead as a grandfather with Parental Responsibilities.”

Jim had retired but is now back in the workforce as a private art teacher.

Jim has an emphasis on strong family loyalties, study, sport, and friends, all fun and all cemented together with the gentle folk who attend our Church every Sunday.

About Barbie

After leaving school, Barbie travelled to U.K., where she studied art under a Royal Academist, travelling Europe, both studying and qualifying in her craft.

Barbie returned home to Australia, to work in the field of Public Relations and Art. After many years working in Public Relations, she travelled to Colorado in the United States, where she trained as a missionary and worked in Guatemala and beyond with a team of USA missionaries. Barbie was offered a nine state ministry tour and lived amongst Native Americans but continued “researching for my art.”

On Barbie’s final return to Australia, with her heart entirely focused on art, she started her own business called Silver Cloud Art Studio. Barbie teach’s up to 60 students a week, both children and adults.

“And then came my childhood dream come true – my marriage to a wonderful man and the ability to share in the upbringing of my beautiful grandchildren. To say that this part of the journey has been a learning curve, is definitely an understatement. But, with the help and support of various Government bodies and friends, (a social network), we have watched and continue to watch our dear children grow into well-rounded and happily centred little individuals.”